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She stares down at it in disbelief, one hand clenched about the railing of the Temple's portal.

In the palm of her hand lies a short bar of gleaming metal, simple spheres adorning each end. This in and of itself is not unusual, particularly given the peculiar tastes of some of the visitors to her realm. What is unusual is that it is warm, and it generates a tendril of warmth that puddles in her hand and swings down to wrap gently around her outstretched gloved arm. It is almost a living, breathing thing, and it puts her to mind of the warm stone fetishes of certain native tribes.

She closes her eyes, drawing in a deep breath. The bar glitters once more in her hand, and winks out of existence. The girl lets out her breath sharply; a half-yelp, half-whoosh, as if someone had kicked her not unexpectedly, but unexpectedly hard. Dots dance behind her closed eyelids like sparkling painful fairies. Her right ear throbs. And then the thread of warmth returns, stronger this time, wrapping itself again about her like a protective blanket.

She sighs, and opens her eyes, turning her face up to the half moon. Eddie hovers nearby, a goblet of seawater held at the ready.
As she turns in the moonlight to accept the goblet of salty water, a fine tracery of silver like the paths of ants can be seen spreading among the jet fringes of her bodice. She raises the dark blue glass heavenward.

"May I never forget what I have learned. May you give me the strength to do what must needs be done, and not buckle to the calls of mere flesh. May I find comfort and solace in your presence."
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